Using Set/Unset Open Elements Command

Please note that the following command is currently only available in the Advanced and Ultimate levels of Alphacam.

Q.  When inputting external cad data with geometries for dado’s or with geometry created in Alphacam, are there any options other than by using Extend or Extend by Distance in order to achieve proper machining results?

A.  Yes, it is called Set/Unset Open Elements.  This command is located in the Machine drop down menu.

Activate this command and select the elements that need to be set as open.  Once selected, notice the color of the elements that have been selected are slightly changed.  This indicates that it has been specified as an open element.

Once the elements have been selected, create a machining method.  In this case Pocketing is used, but this would work with Rough/Finish passes as well.   

While entering the data needed for the pocket routine, take note of the “Overlap on Open Elements:  Tool Rad x” value.  By default this value is set to 1, but can be changed depending on the desired finished results. This controls the distance that the tool will extend out beyond the open element defined on the geometries.

Select each geometry separately when applying the tool path and notice the tool path protrudes past the end of the geometries.

In a solid simulation view, notice that even though the ends of the geometries for the dados are coincident with the outer edge of the panel, the machining extends out beyond the furthest edge to achieve desired results.

If the Set/Unset Open Elements wasn’t used and the same machining was applied, notice how the tool leaves the radius of the tool behind and doesn’t provide the desired results.