What is a Profile Cut?

Q. I have a molding I want to duplicate on my router.  Can I do this?

A. Yes, it is called a Profile cut which is located in the Machining type menus. (In the Advanced module and higher with V8, Standard module and higher when 2010 R1 is released)

The first step to do this is to create or import the profile you want to duplicate.  This is a simple 2” by 2” cove molding. 

In this case you would want to select a ball end bit.

Next, create your material (shape) you want to cut and select your tool direction. I am selecting the left side of my arch.

Now select Rough or Finish, Profiled and Selected.

Next you will see the normal Rough or Finish window.

You will then see the Z level window. Note that there is no bottom Z level. This comes from the profile you drew out. I am also using a Bi-Directional cut and using Max Depth per Cut of .125. This will give the part a smoother surface.

The next window is the machine window. If you wanted to leave a bit of stock for a rough cut, enter that parameter in the Stock to be Left window.

Once you select OK, the prompt bar will ask you to select profile.

Next you will need to select the Reference Point. Use your End Point Snap and select the end of the profile.

Once this is accomplished, select your geometry.

Then select Finish.