Set Start Point on Closed Geometries with an Auto function

Check out the New Feature in Alphacam 2010 R2, Set Start Point on Closed Geometries with an Auto function.

When setting Tool Directions with 2010 R2, you now have three options when it comes to establishing the Start Point on Closed Geometries:  No (none), Manual (previous function), and Auto (automatic).

No, means you don’t want to set a Start Point and the default location (start point of the geometry) will be used.

Manual, is the function that was previously available in prior versions of Alphacam.  With this option, you will manually select the intended start point located on the geometry, in most cases using snap functions or simply clicking the surrounding area where you wish to place the start point.

When using the Auto option, you then have the ability to set one of eleven options for Inside, Outside and Center tool sides.  All three can be set to a different option. Then you simply need to select the geometries and the start points will be changed based on the settings used.