How to Update your Network License File

Q. I installed the most recent Alphacam release on my computer and I get a message stating "License not Available for this version"

What do I do?

Please note, this is for network licenses only.

A. This message means it is a simple license update.  To request your license update, please do the following:

1)    Select the OK button and your current window will disappear.
2)    Send an email to and request your license to be updated.
On the Subject Line of your email please write “License Update Request – Company Name “ (to indicate your company name).
3)    You will then receive an email from the Alphacam License Support Site advising that your license has been activated and is available for download as follows:

4)    You will need to log in using your email address and your password.  If you have forgotten your password, you can request a reminder from the support site home page by clicking on:
Password Reminder

5)    Select the link and continue with the login procedure.


6)    Select List Licenses, which will bring you to your download page as shown below.

Please note the Software Version field.  
7)    Select the Download button.

8)    Select the Save button.
9)    Save the acam.upl file in a location that you will find easily (Ex: your Desktop).
10)    Browse to the Alphacam installation DVD and locate the WlmAdmin.exe file located in the Sentinel_RMS_Licensing\Administer and Monitor folder.  
11)    Execute the WlmAdmin.exe utility by double clicking the file name and the WlmAdmin window will be displayed as follows:

12)    Click the + in front of Subnet Servers  (your license server will show up under the Subnet Servers).
13)    Right mouse click and highlight/select your server name.
14)    Highlight/select
              Add Feature
              From a File
              To Server and its File
15)    The following window will then be displayed, looking for the acam.upl file you downloaded and saved on step #10 (in our Ex: your Desktop).


16)    Select the down arrow on the right hand side of the “Look in:” field, and scroll up to your Desktop or the location where you saved the acam.upl file.

17)    Select the acam.upl file and then the following window will be displayed showing that the license has been read and successfully installed.  
Important:  Please note that this is not the total number of seats that you have purchased.

18)    Select the OK button.
19)    Select the Retry button on the Lock Code window.
20)    You will now be able to launch Alphacam successfully!