Update Your Standalone License File

Q. I installed the most recent Alphacam release on my computer and I get the following message that states, "License not available for this version."

What do I do?

Please note, this is for standalone licenses only.

A. When you receive this message, it is a simple license update. 

1) Select the OK button, and then your lock code window will appear.

2) Select the WEB button.  This will bring you to the Alphacam Support page.

3) Login with credentials you set up previously.  Once you are logged in,

4) Select the Request License button and select Request License again under My License

5) When this is selected, another page will appear, and this will give you the option of updating your license if your SMP (Software Maintenance Plan) is up to date.

6) Select Click here, to update your license to the version you requested.  You will then see the Upgrade License page.

7) Once you have reached this point, select List Licenses, which will bring you to your download page.

8) Please note the Software Version line. Select the Download button; select Save, then save it in a location that you will find easily e.g. your Desktop.

9) Select the Save button.

10) Once the license file Acam.upl is saved, select the Browse button in the lock code window, select the Desktop button or where you saved the Acam.upl file, select the Acam.upl file, and select Open.

You should then see the following window stating the license file updated successfully.

Select the OK button and select Retry on the lock code window.

Alphacam will launch successfully.