Retrieving a Network License Lock Code when echoid.exe does not work

Q.  While setting up a network installation of an Alphacam license, when following the instructions for the Sentinel Licensing, the echoid.exe just flashes and disappears and will not create a lock code.  Is there another way to get a lock code?

A.  Yes, another option would be to run the Wechoid.exe.  Browse the install DVD, within the Sentinel_RMS_Licensing folder, in the Generate Lock Code folder there will be a Wechoid.exe along with the Echoid.exe file.  Double click the Wechoid.exe file, this will appear.  (Data within the value fields will differ)

The two options that are required for the creation of a network license are Disk ID and Ethernet Address.  All other(s) that are checked, please uncheck them.

The Selector must show 0x14.  When submitting the code through the selector must be typed out as 14-, then type in the code characters starting with and including the *.

Note:  The Sentinel License Manger must be installed on a computer that will be used for the license server.  The Wechoid.exe must be executed on the same computer.