New Cabinet Vision Back Version Policy 2018


August 2, 2017 
Effective January 1st, 2018 all Cabinet Vision users must be running version 10 in production.  With software, like any other tool within your business, it is critical to your long-term success to protect your investment by keeping it current.  The Cabinet Vision staff work hard to provide the latest technology to our customers which in turns keeps you ahead of your highly competitive market.
As of January 1st, 2018, Planit Canada will no longer have access to licenses or software modules for Cabinet Vision back versions.  Those clients who decide not to upgrade will run the risk of losing access to replacement keys, added keys or software which could result in halted or interrupted production.  Additionally, as with all software, older versions risk encountering problems with any new Microsoft products, computers or machines.
Depending on the version you are currently running in production, your deadline to upgrade may be earlier.  Please refer to the table below to see how your business could be affected:
Find the version you are running in production below: Your deadline to upgrade to Cabinet Vision Version 10
If you are running a Version older than 7.0 (2012 R1)
Your deadline to upgrade to version 10 is October 1st, 2017
  • Your software will be moved into a sunset state and will no longer be recognized by Cabinet Vision. 
  • We will not be able to assist with any replacement keys, added keys, added software, or upgrades for versions prior to version 7.
  • Any changes, support or additions will require you to purchase the software all over again like a new customer.
  • Action advised: see detailed explanation below.
If you are running version 7.1 (2012 R1) or 7.2 (2012 R2)
Your deadline to upgrade to and run version 10 in production is January 1st, 2018
  • We will not be able to provide any replacement keys, added keys, added software or upgrades for versions prior to version 10.0.
  • Action advised: contact your customer representative (see contact information below)
If you are running version 8.0
If you are running version 9.0
If you have version 10 but are not yet running it in production.
Your deadline to run Version 10 in production in January 1st, 2018
  • We will not be able to provide any replacement keys, added keys, added software or upgrades for versions prior to version 10.0.
  • Action advised: please send an email to to get started



Effective October 1st, 2017

IMPORTANT - Licenses of Cabinet Vision 2011 R2 (6.1) and Older – Sunset State 

As of October 1, 2017, any Cabinet Vision licenses and products 2011 R2 (6.1) and Older will move into a Sunset State.  
If you have a license of 2011 R2 (6.1) or older, a perpetual license (RELEASE Code) will be issued prior to your license being Sunset. This will take place automatically and needs no involvement from yourself. Software in Sunset state will run as normal, but due to changes in systems, personal computer configurations and Microsoft Windows compliance it cannot be upgraded, edited, revoked, lock code changed, supported, annual license issued or manipulated in any way. In summary, this means that: 
  • We will not be able to assist with any issues with your PC, dongle or license 
  • Should you wish to update your software or have a problem with a license in a Sunset State, you will need to purchase a completely new license of software 

Action Advised 

We recommend you update your existing licenses before October 1, 2017, taking advantage of all the benefits of the latest versions. We have a limited-time opportunity to offer special pricing on the above costs to all unsupported Customers wishing to return to SMP and update their software before the new Policy is in force. 


Why are you doing this? 
Like most software, parts of Cabinet Vision are licensed from third parties to make use of the very best technology available. Major changes in these license agreements are forcing Cabinet Vision to make a pretty big change that requires Cabinet Vision to cease any shipments of Cabinet Vision version 9 or older as of the release of CV11. These changes are not by choice, but by necessity. The team at Cabinet Vision have made the decisions with our customer’s best interest at heart. The changes will enable Cabinet Vision to grow the software much further and continue to offer the most value to our customers.  We at Planit Canada intend to do our utmost to help our clients through this transition.
If I don’t upgrade, will I still be able to run Cabinet Vision?
Yes.  You’ll still be able to run your version of the software for as long as your computer(s), machine(s) and operating system can support it.  However, should you required any additional keys or licenses, we will no longer have access to your version of Cabinet Vision.  We will only be able to ship the latest version (currently Version 10). This includes upgrades, added licenses, replacement licenses, etc.
If I am running a version older than CV 10, how long can I continue to buy additional licenses?
As of this date, all new additional licenses shipped will be version 10.  You can request a sentinel key to run versions 8 or 9.
When I migrate to CV 10, will I still be able to open my older projects? 
Old sentinel keys will be able to open versions 8 and 9.
Do I need to get a new USB key? 
New licenses are keyless by default. For stand-alone licenses only, you have the option to buy a keyed license. The type of keyed license will depend on whether you need to run CV8 or CV9 or not.
Can I migrate to a soft license? If I do this, can I open my old projects? 
Keyless licenses will only open CV10 and later.