A powerful new feature in the e2i 2011 R1 release gives users better material cost estimates for sheet metal parts.

While e2i is renowned for keeping track of, and managing, costs throughout the design and manufacturing process from estimate to invoice, the latest release gives users even better control over costs and margins at the quotation stage of a sale. The new Quote Nesting feature does this by using the powerful Radan True Shape Nester to squeeze the maximum number of parts on a sheet, giving a more accurate estimate of the material cost.

As well as providing this valuable new functionality, the new Quote Nesting offers many more benefits:
• If several parts from the same line of a quote can go on the same sheet, the Quote Nester nests these together when calculating material costs.
• You have control over how the unused part of a sheet is costed. You can either ignore its cost or apportion its cost across all the nested parts.
• If you save remnants for future jobs, you can choose to remove the value of the remnant from the cost.
• Quote nesting also allows for multiple lines in a quote to be estimated separately if required – i.e. they are for different quantities of the same part – or to be quoted together, which increases the number of parts that can be nested on the same sheet, further improving sheet utilisation.

Other improvements in e2i 2011 R1 include a completely rewritten Sage Link to match the latest version of the Sage accountancy package, incorporating a better way of transferring purchase orders.

A number of reports have been updated and made standard without the need for editing. In addition, the “Estimate v Actual” report has been updated for contracts and route cards, showing how long jobs actually take, compared to the original estimate.

It is also easier to install e2i now that CLS Licensing no longer has to be manually installed first. Simply starting to load e2i, automatically runs the CLS installation.

e2i development manager Dave Caughley says: “e2i effectively models a manufacturing company’s environment, taking into account all aspects of the business such as estimating, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, delivery and accounts. It’s likely that the impressive lineup of new and improved features will bring e2i to the attention of manufacturers that don’t currently use it, enabling them to take their businesses to the next level.”

e2i’s supported customer base will receive the new release automatically as part of Planit Advantage, its leading support and maintenance package.  

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