Cabinet Vision Add-Ons

Catalog Editor

The Catalog Editor add-on allows Cabinet Vision Solid users to create their own modular catalog.  Modular catalogs have pre-set options and option up-charges, door styles and door/drawer up-charges that match those included in a typical stock manufacturer’s paper catalog.

These catalogs incorporate all customized system standards from Cabinet Vision Solid, including materials, material schedules, doors and drawers, profiles, construction methods, and parts pricing (if applicable) into a new, distributable catalog. Distributable (or read only) Catalogs protect your Catalog data so that units cannot be modified and saved back into the catalog after it is distributed to end-users.

*Requires Solid Standard or higher                                

Conversion Utility

Does your NC Panel Saw have its own Optimization software? Do you already have Panel Optimization software and just need to get your cut list from Solid into it? Do you have an MRP/ERP System that you would like to get Material usage reports into? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Conversion Utility add-on is for you. The Conversion Utility outputs several standard files for use with 3rd party applications.

The following information can be output using the Conversion Utility:

PNL File (Generic cut-list file in CSV format)
CUT File (Used by Cutrite™, Tigerstop™, and other optimization applications)
MatSum.MDB (Material Summary in Microsoft™ Access™ format)
PRN File (For DoorCIM™)
MLC File (For Ottimo™)

*Requires Solid Standard or higher                 

Counter Top Machining

Need to machine Draw-Bolts for your Counter Top Joints? This add-on allows you to easily configure the type of Joinery machining to perform at your Counter Top Joints. This add-on also allows you to specify Alignment Boring and other machining on your Counter Tops.

*Can be only be added to Solid Advanced + Counter Top Wizard + S2M Center Advanced.

*Standard feature of Solid Ultimate + S2M Center Ultimate.

Counter Top Wizard

Need to produce engineering and cut list information for your Counter Tops? This is the add-on for you. The Counter Top Wizard add-on is fully integrated with Cabinet Vision Solid allowing you to configure your Counter Top construction in an easy to use Wizard interface.

*Can be only be added to Solid Advanced.

*Standard feature of Solid Ultimate.


Want to offer high-end features to your Clients? Dovetails are an excellent capability to add to your repertoire. With the Dovetails add-on you can define CNC Dovetails “your way” right inside the Solid Drawer Wizard and then machine them on your CNC router.

*Requires the S2M Center with CNC Output

*Standard feature of Solid Ultimate + S2M Ultimate


Grain Matching

Need Grain Match capability? No problem! This add-on, which is fully integrated into Solid, allows you to Grain Match both Vertical and Horizontal Grain for one Cabinet or a Group of Cabinets. Do you need to match AWI Premium Grade Standards? This is the add-on that allows you to easily achieve it!


*Requires the Panel Optimizer (non-NC or NC) Add-On

*Standard feature of Solid Ultimate + S2M Ultimate 


Label-IT™ technology enables the Saw/CNC Operator to clearly visualize the panel as the labels are printed “on-demand” and placed on the parts. This labeling system is ideal for Nested-based manufacturing as well as traditional manual and NC panel saws.

Parts can be easily selected by simply touching the screen. Labels are printed instantly, and the screen is updated automatically to show exactly which parts and panels have been completed. Easy to read graphic labels are printed for each part. With full Label design capabilities you have complete control over what data is presented on the Label. In conjunction with the S2M Center you can easily add bar-codes for each part that requires secondary machining (such as with a Point-To-Point or CNC Drill and Dowel machines) for easy flow from one process to the next.

*Requires the Panel Optimizer (non-NC or NC) Add-On


MDF Door Maker

MDF Door Maker allows you to custom create and output multiple tooling instructions for virtually any MDF door style to the S2M Center. Complete CNC instructions for machining the doors are created automatically from your design.

*Requires the S2M Center with CNC Output

*Standard feature of Solid Ultimate + S2M Ultimate


Panel Optimizer (non-NC or NC version available)

The Panel Optimizer allows you to maximize your material yield and reduce your waste. Fully integrated with Solid it allows you to quickly and easily convert your cut lists into patterns for import directly to your NC Panel saw or printed patterns you give directly to your manual sawyer. With built-in Offcut Management the system will instruct your sawyer which Offcuts to utilize from job to job maximizing material utilization. The Panel Optimizer also includes built-in links to nearly all NC Saws on the market.

Click below to see a brief Panel Optimizer movie.

This video takes a look at some of the features in the Panel Optimizer Add on for Cabinet Vision Solid Version 5.

*Available for Solid Standard, Solid Advanced, and Solid Ultimate.

PhotoVision 32

Create photo-realistic presentation prints in minutes using the latest computer technology.   

Learn more >>>


Real-Time Label Image

Many newer generation NC Saws include their own on-board “real-time” labeling solutions. The Real-Time Label Image add-on will allow you to design your part labels inside Solid with all of the available information you need to communicate; including an image of the part. These “labels” are then converted to image files which can be printed in “real-time” utilizing your Saw’s built-in Labeling system.

*Requires the NC Panel Optimizer Add-On


S2M Center

The S2M Center is a core product that fully integrates with Cabinet Vision. Geometry and machining data from Cabinet Vision is automatically generated for virtually any NC/CNC machine on the market. The S2M Center is capable of nesting, optimization, and is able to generate machine ready code for saws, point-to-point machines, CNC routers, Drill and Dowel Machines, Chop Saws, and other specialized woodworking machinery.

The industry’s first, and most complete; Screen To Machine™ solution.

*Available for Solid Standard, Solid Advanced, or Solid Ultimate.