What's New in version 2011

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Assembly Level

Change Drawer Front Pull Reference
  • Split Part Tools
  • Modify Door Stile and Rail Widths By Door
  • Section Doors With Mid Stiles and Mid Rails By Door
  • Modify Door Profiles By Door
  • Shape Assemblies using CAD Tools
  • Logical Constraints to Lines and Arcs for an Assembly Shape
  • Parametrically Driven Dimension Constraints to Lines and Arcs for an Assembly

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Assembly Wizard

  • Adjustable Shelf Nosing Definition
  • Shelf Nosing Definition
  • Fixed Shelf Nosing Definition
  • Fixed Dowel Specification
  • Blind Dado Specification
  • Intelli-Joint Application for RTA Fittings via Assembly Wizard
  • Face Machining Branch Added
  • Placement (Scribe) Option For Frameless/32mm Top
  • Placement (Scribe) Option For Frameless/32mm Bottom/Deck
  • Specify Line Boring "By Opening"
  • Fix Bottom of Drawer Box to Bottom of Drawer Front
  • Separated Unfinished , Finished, and Sub Ends on Drawer Stretcher Configuration
  • Face Frame Miters Visually Shown
  • Option to swap grain direction on the bottom/deck
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  • Backup Utility to Display Backup Comments in Delete Archives Area
  • Job Configuration Files (.CFG) Added to Backup Utility
  • System Parameters Added to Backup Utility
  • Make New Folder Option Added to Backup Utility
  • Option to Use Backup Comment As Folder Name
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  • Group Multiple CAD Objects Together
  • Length is the Default Field When Drawing Lines
  • Reverse Selection Option Added
  • Symbols Import as a Single Group of CAD Objects
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  • New Drill Optimization Options for Older or Entry Level Machines
  • Allowances for Pre-Mill Edgebanding
  • Ability to Prioritize Operation Machining Order
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel Zooming and Panning
  • Set Soft Corner Radius Added for MDF DoorMaker Doors
  • Expanded Operation Options for Filters
  • Ability to Save and Recall Filters
  • Rough Cut for Onion Skins
  • Ability to Save Optimizer Parameter Changes Back to the Machine Catalog
  • Specify Part Spacing Pad for Outline Tool to Control Part Spacing
  • Completely New True Shape Nesting Engine
  • New Nest Rotation Options
  • Rotate Part Clockwise 90
  • Rotate Part Counter Clockwise 90
  • Rotate Part 180
  • Flip Part Over
  • Add a Blank Sheet
  • 6th Face Nesting
  • Common Line Cutting

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Counter Top

  • Change Counter Top Construction Method by Top
  • Display Counter Top Construction Method ID in Counter Top Wizard
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Door Catalog

  • Template Doors Derive Default Stile and Rail Widths from Construction Settings
  • Soften Corners Option Added for MDF Template Doors
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Drawings Area

  • Ability to Delete Multiple Drawing Sheets At Once
  • Double Click Paper to Take it to CAD Mode
  • Ability to Create Scene Templates
  • Added Drawing Sheet Navigation Arrow Options
  • New Drawing Now Separate Option from the Drawing Sheet Selector

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  • Removed Auto Zoom Out After Drawing a Wall
  • Room Level Overrides Tab Added
  • Quick Unit Selector Accessible from Splash Screen Statusbar Menu
  • Build Warnings now Displayed in Statusbar Menu and Do Not Interrupt You

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Job Properties

  • Ability to Save and Recall Job Properties

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  • Specify Tailed Dimensions for Automatic Dimensions

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Layout (Room) Level

  • Set Clearance Value for Windows
  • Set Clearance Value for Doors
  • Manually Placed Uppers will Recognize Floor To Upper Above Refrigerator Layout Setting
  • Change Wall Length, Height, and Soffit Height via Elevation View
  • Edit the Shape of Walls in Elevation View
  • Shape Assemblies using CAD Tools

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Material Catalog & Material Schedules (click here to watch movie)

  • Closet Parts Now Grouped in Closet Category (Part Catalog/Assembly Parts Material Schedules)
  • Right Click Part Option in Material Schedules to Change Part Material in Multiple Schedules
  • A New Part Added to the Part Catalog will Automatically Assume It's Parents Material in its Respective Material Schedule
  • Rotate Pulls 90 Degrees via Pulls Material Schedule
  • Ability to Define Finish Types Separate from Finishes
  • Six System Finish Types "Out of the Box"
  • Glass
  • Gloss Metal
  • Metal
  • Mirror
  • Plasitic
  • Wood
  • Ability to Assign Finish Types Individually to a Materials Face, Back, and Edge
  • Ability to Copy Finishes

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  • Blind Dado-Master
  • Shape Routes using CAD Tools
  • Logical Constraints to Lines and Arcs for a Route Shape
  • Parametrically Driven Dimension Constraints to Lines and Arcs for a Route Shape
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  • Enhance Render Options Now in 3D View Properties
  • Enhance View Now Single Click to Execute
  • Render Mode Now Sticks with Change to Line Drawing on View Move Disabled
  • Added New Point Light
  • Significant Improvements to Lighting
  • New and Improved Default Woodgrain Textures
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  • Counter Top Description Added to Report.mdb
  • User Information Added to Report.mdb
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Section Editor

  • Add a Set Back field for Roll Outs in the Section Editor
  • Scribe Partitions Associated to Mid Stiles When Set Relative Left or Right
  • Boxed Double Partitions in the Section Editor
  • Door/Drawer Front Position Annotations
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User Created Standards

  • NAME Parameter Controls Assembly Name
  • DESC Parameter Controls Assembly Description
  • _SPLITX Parameter Added to Define Part Splits
  • _SPLITXn Parameter Added to Define Part Splits
  • _SPLITY Parameter Added to Define Part Splits
  • _SPLITYn Parameter Added to Define Part Splits
  • _DROEPROF Parameter Added to Control which Edges of a Door/Drawer Front the OE Door Profile is Applied to
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