An ERP software designed specifically for cabinet makers

Cienapps is the most adapted ERP/MRP software on the market for cabinet manufacturing.

  • Centralize your data in one place,
  • Connect all your departments
  • Get the accurate information of your prime cost and of your stocks in real-time!
  • Create real-time connections between your business departments. 

Optimize bottleneck.  Increase throughput.  Make more money.

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cienapps effciciency erp mrp software sketch

the little black book of ultra efficient woodworking shopsUnderstand the Philosophy behind the software.

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How can Cienapps make your shop more profitable?


cienapps 2Your work orders are filled automatically with Cienapps.

Cienapps software connects itself with your CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing), and it generates systematically every required unit for production. Your data transcriptions are accurate and you get a global view of all your products on your computer screen.

Get a global view.

Create your purchase orders and place your orders with your suppliers in record time.

The Cieblink tool offers you the possibility of placing your product orders with your suppliers and receiving their confirmation or feedback concerning the delivery status and product availability, instantly. Your suppliers will receive a notification in real-time and will be able to confirm your orders simply by switching the confirmation status!

Get real-time, instantaneous feedback.

cienapps screen shot Create your purchase orders instantly.

Our kitchen cabinet software creates your purchase orders automatically with your imported list of materials. Once completed and submitted, your supplier will receive your purchase order with precise and detailed information.

Detailed.  Precise.  Automatic.

cienapps screen shot 2Manage your orders effectively with color codes.

Your orders will be classified with color codes in order to provide you with accurate data concerning the status of your product inventories and orders. This function helps you to manage your supply chain effectively, to increase the speed of your service and ensure customer satisfaction.

When in doubt, keep it simple.


cienapps management software erp mrp woodworkingImprove your supply management.

Efficiently manage your inventory by ordering just-in-time! When you create a new project in Cienapps, our software generates the products and materials you need to order instantly.

Don't fall for the overstock trap.

cienapps manage ordersManage the reception of your orders more effectively.

Cienapps registers automatically all received orders and applies them to the right supplier and the relevant project. You can now easily confirm the quantities received! The production department will immediately know if the materials needed for production are in stock. Our software promotes efficient production planning by providing your staff with the most accurate inventory.

Centralize information.


cienapps planningPlan your cabinet installations with more accuracy.

In one click, insert the time required for the installation and assign it into a real calendar to get a global view of all your ongoing projects.

Think of time as a product.



longterm planning cienappsYour time is valuable.

Quickly assess the volume of your workshops and balance your production cycle! Manage your human resources according to accurate workshops schedules. Accelerate your production duration and offer your customer a great product faster than ever!

Make better decisions.

balance bottleneck points cienappsBalance your bottleneck points with accurate and reader friendly charts.

Our software is built for cabinet production scheduling. How does it work? You only have to select a new project and then assign it in your production calendar, with the time required for its production. The charts will  help you to optimize the capacity of your plant and maximize your production capabilities.

Focus on increasing capacity.


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