s2m Center

Planit offers the industry’s only fully integrated software solution for Screen-to-Machine™. Our technology generates the machine ready code for your products as they are designed. This intelligent machining saves enormous machine “programming” time when compared to older manual systems. Planit’s Convergence Technology™ feature allows for sorting of parts per machine and per batch. This feature enables control over which parts are released to a particular machine and on what time sequence.


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The S2M Center™ is a core product that integrates with Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware. Geometry and machining data from Cabinet Vision and Cabnetware is automatically generated for virtually any CNC machine on the market. The S2M Center solution is capable of nesting, optimization, and is able to generate machine ready code for saws, point-to-point machines, CNC routers, Drill and Dowel Machines, Chop Saws, and other specialized woodworking machinery.

With support for Nested-Based Manufacturing (“NBM”) and Work Cell Manufacturing, the S2M Center provides the needed productive benefits for today’s woodworking business.

You will benefit from:

• Automatic Tool Selection Logic
• Part Filtering
• Output to Specialized Machinery such as Automatic Chop Saws and Drill and Dowel Machines
• Ordering and Grouping of Parts By Cabinet on Sheets
• Ability to Import DXF Parts
• Save Parts to Part Library for easy recall
• Ability to Move Parts on Nests
• Copy and Paste Parts on Nests
• Linked Part Outlines (Bridging)

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