Download Installation File

First click below to download the installation file:

*Tip: Please set Internet Explorer   as your default browser for this download.  How do I do that?


*Important! Follow these installation instructions next:

Step #1

After downloading the SE_Setup_xxx.exe file to your Computer double click on it.

Step #2

Follow the instructions in the Installation Wizard.

Step #3

Open the program via the desktop icon.

Step #4

Select the 'Buy' or 'Trial' option and complete your details to register.


  •    Set Internet Explorer as your default browser. 
  • Make sure User Account Control (UAC) is turned off. 

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If the installation fails, try rebooting your computer and reinstalling.  

Need help with the Installation Wizard?

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Check your desktop for the CV Solid Essential 9 Icon.


Use a valid email address! (It's necessary for the next step.)

Step #5

Click 'OK'

  • SE will start up
  • You will receive an email


Try checking your spam filter if you haven't received it.

Step #6

Check your email!

You will have received your unique authorization codes.

Didn't receive the email?

CLICK HERE to let us know.

Last Step!

Go to Utilities > Authorization Codes > and enter your unique authorization codes.

Congratulations!  You're in.

Something went wrong?

We can help.

We'll get right back to you.

Check our Troubleshooting Tips here.


You are now ready to BE AWESOME!

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  • Part Manager
  • Material Schedule
  • Door Catalogue
  • Assembly Wizard
  • Plan, Elevation & 3D Views
  • and more!