Import your project… and run wild with colors and materials.

Imagine giving your customers the ability to truly perceive space and depth, explore interior designs, and better envision the surface materials of their projects.

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A comprehensive visualization solution for designers and architects.

Import your project from Cabinet Vision or SketchUp!

VORTEK Spaces is an amazing easy-to-use interactive and high-impact 3D visualization platform for your sales team. Designers and architects can use their favorite CAD software to design, then use VORTEK Spaces to sell. Your vision and project deserve to be appreciated live and interactively ! Use tablets, 3D TVs, VR headsets, immersive displays and the latest technology to convince your buyers. Create stunning personalized videos and other medias in no time and share them.

Feature Packs

                         Spaces     / Pro Feature Set / Experience Feature Set
  • Limitless showroom

  • Interactive walkthrough

  • Instant material changes

  • High-quality material library

  • Live interactive lighting control

  • 360 interactive viewing on your tablet

  • Native touch screens support

  • Fast project import from major design software :

    • Cabinet Vision Solid 9

    • SketchUp

    • Chief Architect

    • …and more!

  • Custom waypoints

  • Shareable screen and video capture

  • Easy sharing through email or social networks (including Youtube)

  • Sketch and other camera effects

  • All starter features plus...

  • 3D TVs / stereoscopic support

  • Server-side / cloud project saving

  • Team management including material library (selection, naming, SKU)

  • CRM integration

  • Customer sharing/collaboration portal

  • Branded screen & video captures

  • Branded project reports    

  •          Include      starter and pro feature plus...

  • Life-size immersive 1:1 visualization using:

    • Large multiple displays support

    • VR head mounted display (HMD) support

    • Large CAVE-like immersive systems support

    • Large multi projectors systems

  • Your       custom       setup delivered as a turnkey solution               


Yes. 3D visualization this cool is at your fingertips. 

Vortel Spaces 3D glasses Vortel spaces VR headset Vortek spaces lifesize display Vortek Spaces Immersive CAVE
3D Glasses VR Headset Multiple Lifesize 1:1 Displays Immersive CAVE
An affordable way for customers to get a better perspective into their new projects.
Have your customers truly experience the power of virtual reality with our ergonomic head sets.
Larger than life! Show your customers how they can be part of something big!
Bring them right into your vision and surround them with all the stunning aspects of your design.


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