Software Maintenance Plans with eSupport

With the purchase of an annual Software Maintenance Plan, you never need to worry about outdated software or bugs. Software updates are sent to you automatically - you'll always be on the latest version.  You will also gain access to eSupport - an amazing online resource centre for Q&A forums, dowloadable files and license protection. Renewed annually, the SMP (Software Maintenance Plan) is the best way to avoid hassles and have all your questions answered.

Software Maintenance Plans with eSupport for Cabinet Vision or Cabnetware include:

eSupport – Your best help resource

  • Very active user forum
  • Request enhancements to the software
  • Wikis
  • Downloadable files (Packages, Reports, etc)
  • Videos

Stay on the current version of your software

  • Avoid conflict with new operating systems
  • Benefit from the latest developments

Bug fixes

Enhancement requests

License protection (Replacement of hardware key if defaults)

eSupport Links:

eSupport URL:

eSupport URL:

For more information

For more information or to renew your support, please contact your Customer Service Representative at 888-824-1474 ext 0 or