Cabnetware Regional Training

Regional Training consists of 3 days in a classroom style training environment performed at regional Planit Solutions Training Facilities or other local locations.

Course Content
Day 1
Fundamentals I

Design Preferences
Room Layout
Entering Cabinets
Modifying Cabinets
Importing Graphics
Countertop Modify
Multi-Draw & CAD
Slide Show Presentation
Printing & Emailing Jobs

Day 2
Fundamentals II

Cutlist Preferences
Material & Hardware
Door Wizard
Part Overrides
Cross Sections
Part Modification & Shaping
Toe Kick Layout
CAD & Dimensioning
Cabinet & Part Labeling

Day 3
Fundamentals III

Advanced Design
Job Costing
CNC Operations
Panel Optimization
Tips & Tricks
Computer Performance Tips
Q & A


Note: All classes are taught by Certified Planit Solutions trainers.

You can come to any or all classes that you feel will best benefit you.  The cost for a single training class is only $325.00.  All classes must be pre-paid by credit card or company check before the final date of registration to guarantee seating.  Regional Training Classes are kept small, so seats are limited to make sure each attendee receives an adequate amount of individual attention.

To get full benefit from your classes, you’ll need to bring your computer (loaded with Cabnetware software), monitor, program key, an external mouse, all computer cables, power strip and an extension cord. You will not need to bring a printer or your Cabnetware Manual.

                                                                    Contact For More Information:

                                                                    Cabnetware Training Department
                                                                    800.280.6932 Toll Free
                                                                    321.238.6466 Fax

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