Onsite Training

We can come to you to provide the invaluable Cabinet Vision training needed to bring your new or existing employees to a higher skill level with cutting edge Cabinet Vision software.  While our training can be customized to your needs, we've provided an outline of a typical beginner level and advanced level courses below. Our onsite services are provided at a rate of $1,600 per day.  Scroll down to get to know our educators.

Beginner Training

  • Material Manager: Importing new textures, creating/editing new panels and banding
  • Material Schedule: Creating a schedule for assembly, door
  • Door Catalog: Add a new door style, assigning materials to doors
  • Construction Wizard: Adding a new construction method from start to finish.
  • Designing a kitchen: Adding cabinets, appliances, floors and countertops, and moldings to a basic kitchen layout.
  • Customizing a cabinet: Changing internal and external cabinet components and dimensions.
  • Reports: Generating a cut list, door list and material summary with cost.
  • Drawings: Adding a company logo/title block; adding Elevation, floorplans, Cabinet Details, and using CAD tools for customers or shop floor.
  • 3D renderings: Changing the different types of renderings, adjusting lights and room views.

Advanced Training

  • New Features of CV Version 9
  • Construction Wizard
  • Assembly Editor
  • Advanced Shape Editor – no constraints – into to screen, how to use construction and shape layers, how to use CAD tools, point locking, several examples for shaping Cabinets
  • Object Intelligence – Nine Basic Parameters, how to determine the source of an issue, user modified, UCS modified.
  • UCS Demo
  • Import Sketchup Model
  • Advanced 3D rendering
  • Advanced Drawing for Millwork
  • Material Manager and Schedules – Advanced Ultimate Functions – Composite, Kits, Models
  • MDF Doormaker (Add on for all modules – included with Ultimate)
  • Report Center – Editing / Modifying Report documents
  • Parameters – Advanced
  • UCS
  • Advanced Shape Editor Advanced – use of constraints – some examples

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