Our Specialists

Our technicians provide top-level Cabinet Vision training and professional services.


Mark Evers has been with Planit Canada since 2010.  Specialising in Cabinet Vision, Mark is a master with machine integration and UCS (User Created Standards).

Michele Hoy has been with Planit Canada for over 6 years.  A Graduate of Holland College with a degree in Architectural Technology, Hoy worked in Commercial Casework and millwork for 12 years before joining Planit.  A Cabinet Vision specialist, Michele provides world-class CV training.  She specializes in CNC programming and operating, machine integration, custom work, drafting and design, and project management.

Christopher Mancliere has been with Planit for over 3 years. He is a bilingual consultant-integrator specialist in Cabinet Vision, Cabnetware and Etemplate. He is also specialized in software development and CNC programming. Christopher provides training and seminars at all levels to clients across Western Canada. He acquired years of experience in kitchen cabinetry and architectural millwork industry as CNC programmer and software developer. Christopher has a Bachelor’s degree in computer science with a concentration in CNC machining (3 to 5 Axis).

Jenny Walker has been with Planit Canada for over 6 years.  A graduate of the prestigious 3-year Conestoga College Woodworking Technology program, Walker spent 4 years as a Technical Engineer with office furniture specification software.  A bilingual Cabinet Vision specialist, she brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to aiding in the creation of custom UCS and employee training.

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